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Day 290 – Recovery day in Vang Vieng

John is still suffering from the overhang of the nauseating minivan trip yesterday. He’s stopped vomiting at least but the stomach troubles are still there. I headed out to eat and walked around the town but mostly made sure that … Continue reading

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Day 246 – Discovering popiah in Taiping

After a great two days in the Cameron Highlands, we headed back into the heat with our next destination being Taiping. It’s not really on the backpackers trail and there’s no hostels but it broke up our journey up north … Continue reading

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Day 106 – Chile’s Independence Day

It’s Chile’s Independence Day today and with a lot of partying last night the town is pretty much dead today with barely anything open. I felt a lot better today when I woke up and managed to eat a few … Continue reading

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Day 105 – Chilean street party

Eating that asado last night was a bit of a mistake. I’m back on the toilet…again. Uhhh….and to make matters worse we need to change hostels. With the Chilean Independence Day tomorrow, the whole of Chile is pretty much one … Continue reading

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Day 104 – Day trip to Viña del Mar

So I’m still ill…but not as bad as yesterday though this may be due to the fact that I didn’t actually eat anything yesterday so there’s nothing more to come out. I decided I didn’t want to just lie around … Continue reading

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