Problem: two week Thailand tourist visa

Following on from my last blog, I forgot to mention that when I was speaking to the travel consultant at Trailfinders (Let’s call her Tracey – that sounds like a name a travel consultant might be called – just because its easier to write than “travel consultant” each time I reference her), she mentioned that if I was to travel overland to Thailand from Laos, I would only be permitted to apply for a maximum of a two week tourist visa. But if you enter Thailand by air, you can apply for a 30 day tourist visa.

This, according to Tracey, is a newly enforced rule. Apparently, visa requirements change fairly frequently in South East Asia so I’ll probably check the visa requirements again closer to my departure date.

This rule does throw a bit of a spanner into the works seeing as though I had planned to go to Cambodia first, and then travel overland to Vietnam, Laos and finally to Thailand. Plus, I would want longer than two weeks in Thailand.

Because the first destination was Bangkok on my recommended round the world ticket, Tracey suggested that I should consider starting off in Thailand. I could spend 4 weeks in Thailand, then do Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos. After Laos, I could re-enter Thailand by land and apply for a two week visa and head to Bangkok for my next flight. This is probably the most sensible solution, but this would mean that when my boyfriend comes out, he will only be able to spend two weeks in Thailand. Plus I will probably be in Cambodia towards the end of May/start of June – when my boyfriend was planning on coming to meet me. Cambodia wasn’t really part of his travel plans, so would it best for him to wait until I ‘m in Vietnam and he could just meet me there?

Below are some solutions to this problem:

Solution 1: My boyfriend could come out when I am in Vietnam, which means that he should probably fly out at the end of June.

Solution 2: I could consider getting a flight to Thailand from Laos, but this, of course, would probably mean more money.

Solution 3: I could make Thailand my first stop. Then whilst I’m in Cambodia, my boyfriend could do Thailand. He will probably dismiss this solution though as he doesn’t particularly want to go travelling on his own.

Solution 4: My boyfriend just comes and meets me in Cambodia.

Im not sure how to work this one. I think I need to ponder these solutions for a while…

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