Day 154 – Walking along the harbour in Auckland

After the gig last night we decided to spend the day exploring Auckland. It was a bit of a rushed effort last time so we decided to stay one more night here. We walked around the harbour area in Auckland. It was a really nice day and we were able to admire all the huge yachts, some 6-7 stories high and worth millions.

After a little coffee break, we went to the fish market; for some reason we love looking at all the different fish despite the smell. And to top it off nicely, we bought some fish and chips for lunch. We spent the rest of the afternoon browsing some shops and swapped some of our books ready for Fiji.

In the evening, we had a curry (and a pretty bad one at that) as part of a cinema and curry deal and went to see The Inbetweeners Movie. Being big fans of the English TV series, we were very excited to see the film! Not surprisingly, the film wasn’t packed and there were a fair few English backpackers in there. It had a few British jokes so in parts only the British were laughing. We’re about 5 months into our RTW trip and watching films like this really just reminds us of home. It was great and really lifted our mood!

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Day 153 – The Naked and Famous at Auckland Town Hall

Our original plan was to be in Fiji by this stage but that was before we found out that New Zealand’s own The Naked and Famous were due to play a homecoming gig in Auckland today. A couple of months ago, we changed our plane tickets (Thanks to the Qantas office in Lima, Peru Office) to delay the flights by a couple of days and bought two tickets for the gig which was at the Townhall in Auckland.

After lunch we headed up to Auckland from Hamilton on the Naked bus, and stayed at the Silverfern Backpackers which was just around the corner from the venue. We had a tuna and pasta dinner with cider and then headed over to the Townhall.

The previous night the band had picked up 7 awards at the New Zealand music awards; tonight’s gig was a homecoming gig for the band after touring the world. It was advertised as a big homecoming gig, but the venue was tiny compared with other gigs we’ve been to. Nevertheless, it made for a great atmosphere.

The Naked and Famous - Ticket for the gig

The Naked and Famous – Ticket for the gig

I would probably say, at this moment in time, The Naked and Famous are my current best band. In South America, on the long bus journeys we both listened to the album Passive Me, Aggressive You pretty much on repeat. It was great to see them in the flesh and live. At home, me and John usually try and get to a gig at least once every few months and we’ve missed that a lot so when we found out that they were playing, we didn’t think twice about going!

We tried to take some videos however they weren’t great due to the dancing and jumping, here’s a good video taken by someone who was in the seating above.

After the gig we headed to find a pub but didn’t really know where we were going. We passed loads of pubs however they were all gay and transvestite bars. Not really what we were looking for. We headed back towards the centre and ended up going into the Shakespeare pub for a couple of beers.

A great night and a good end to our time in New Zealand.

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Day 152 – Another lazy day in Hamilton

After so many days on the road another lazy day was what we needed. John did a little hardwork cutting the grass, however when you have a sit-on lawnmower it’s not much hardwork.

John hard at work mowing the lawn

John hard at work mowing the lawn

We continued to upload the photos from our recent trips and also had enough time to upload the bungee jumping videos so we could share them on Facebook and for people back home.

Lazy days are definitely a necessity for anyone on long-term travel!


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Day 151 – A day of rest after dropping off the campervan

One last road trip in the Wendekreisen Campervan. Well I should really say John’s last road trip as he took it back to the depot at the Airport in Auckland on his own whilst I stayed in the nice comfy bed at Lynda’s. John set off early and had no problems dropping the camper off, the bus back from the airport to Hamilton included a local bus to Westfield Manukau City shopping center, on the main highway to Auckland.

We picked John up from the bus stop near to Lynda’s house and headed back for an easy day after all the driving in the past week.

A few admin jobs in the evening; we started to back up the photos from our time on the road and research about the problems with the camera. Some black spots have started appearing on our photos after John dropped it 🙁

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Day 150 – Rain stops play in Rotorua

Our last day on the road in the camper and John was due to go whitewater rafting. We woke to some unbelievable rain and had breakfast while looking out onto the bleak weather. We had to leave the Top 10 and park up round the corner as we had to check out before John got back from rafting. John headed back to the top 10 to get picked up for the whitewater rafting.

However after walking back to the Top 10 he was greeted by the rafting man who explained that the river had flooded making the river slightly dangerous. So two days in a row, we’ve been disappointed by the weather.

With it bucketing it down and no rafting, we decided to leave Rotorua and head back to Hamilton slightly earlier than planned where we were due to stay for a night at John’s Aunty’s before John returned the campervan to the depot at Auckland Airport tomorrow.

On the way back we stopped off at the Cheesecake shop in Hamilton which had been recommended by my friend Dan who studied in Hamilton while doing his pilot training.  We weren’t disappointed.

mmmm Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop in Hamilton

mmmm Cheesecake from the Cheesecake Shop in Hamilton

Without a phone it was hard to get in contact with Lynda to explain we would be back early. So when we got back to the house there was nobody in apart from Ruby the dog to welcome us.

We made cheese on toast in the campervan and sat on our camping chairs outside of the house using the wifi. Lynda got back later and we had a well deserved shower, unpacked and had a nice comfy bed to sleep in! It’s so nice to be back in a home again though life on the road is also very good!

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