Day 159 – Posting goodies back to the UK

The grass grows quickly in New Zealand and John spent the morning on the sit-on lawnmower again. All very hard work.

We then headed over to The Base, an out of town shopping centre near to Lynda’s rather than heading into town. We had packaged up our boxes ready to send home. In the boxes were:

  • Peruvian jumpers, hats, and scarfs
  • Icebreaker tops and bottoms
  • Presents from Chile
  • Souvenirs such as ticket stubs, etc from South America
  • My second hand zip hoody from Chile

In total it was two boxes and cost almost £100 for the cheapest delivery, on a boat, a very slow boat.

We had so much food left over from the Chinese meal last night that we just cooked a little bit more and added to the left overs for another huge meal!

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Day 158 – Cooking a Chinese feast to say thank you

To say thank you to Lynda and Michael for letting us stay we decided to cook a proper Chinese meal for them in the evening. We had passed a Chinese supermarket before so we headed into Hamilton to the New Save Chinese Supermarket in the centre to grab all the ingredients for the meal.

We also grabbed some Fijian dollars, swapped our books and John had a hair cut; at NZ$16, it’s the most expensive one so far.

We headed back and started cooking, egg fried rice, vegetable chow mein, sweet and sour prawns, beef and garlic in blackbean sauce, chicken with a ginger and oil dip, pak choi and choi sum with oyster sauce, and prawn crackers – What a feast!

We had made too much but the meal went down really well with Michael eating his fair share!

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Day 157 – One more lazy day

Lazy day, probably too many of them but at our halfway point it was needed. We decided to start backing up some of the videos we had taken onto DVDs to send home.

We had tried uploading them but the connection at Lynda’s wasn’t good enough to upload the huge videos. Our plan was to send home a couple of boxes of stuff including our expensive winter clothing and some of the things we picked up in South America.

So not much to do but watch TV, relax and eat!

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Day 156 – Planning for Fiji

With us not having much time left in New Zealand and our flight soon to Fiji we started to plan our time in Fiji and some initial ideas for Australia.

In Australia, we would be meeting up with John’s friend Alan in Sydney and my friend James in Brisbane. We also plan to meet up with Rob who we met in Chile, he lives in Melbourne and would be back from his travels towards the end of our time in Australia.

We also started thinking about our time in Fiji. It was looking like Fiji would be surprisingly expensive if you wanted to go on island hopping as they have limited accommodation and meal options there. We also researched into transport options to get to the smaller islands and it looks as though we would need to pre-book boat tickets and pre-book hotels.

By the end of the night, our heads were going round in circles. It was getting all a bit confusing with too many options and not fully understanding what was going on.

Do we pre-book island hopping boat tickets? Do we also need to pre-book accommodation? How long do we go island hopping for? Too many questions and we didn’t get many resolved tonight.

We decided to upload some more photos and started to think about the coming sunshine!

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Day 155 – Back to Hamilton for home comforts

Our last day in Auckland, we headed to the square to skype home. Being in the city there was plenty of free wifi, it was pretty cool being able to show people back home around Aotea Square.

After the call we headed around the shops to grab some things before we left. We had a coffee, then bought chinese buns, pandan cake and some sushi from St pierre’s Sushi. The sushi was for the trip home on the bus, the buns and cake were for Lynda and Mike to try.

We headed back on the naked bus and were picked up by Lynda from the stop near to the house. We spent the rest of the day just chilling out. We’re so lucky to have this “luxurious” break in the middle of our trip! It’s definitely been welcomed with open arms!

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