Day 95 – Fresh fish market in Valdivia

After climbing Volcan Villarrica yesterday, I was expecting to wake up completely destroyed today but surprisingly, the only physical reminder was some slightly achey legs. John was the same. A result of carrying heavy backpacks and walking everywhere, and participating in a lot of outdoor activities! This makes me feel fit!

After packing our bags, we left mid-morning after saying goodbye to the lovely hostel owner who gave me a hug and a kiss before we left! So friendly! You could tell she appreciated the fact that we stayed in her hostel! We also said goodbye to Gem but we would see him tomorrow in Valdivia. He has booked in the same hostel as us.

We walked to the bus station and caught a bus to our next stop Valdivia. It was only a 3 hour bus journey travelling south-west to the west coast. The buses are not as nice as those in Argentina but they were really cheap, especially compared to its neighbouring country!

We checked into our two-bed dorm in a small hostel and then walked out to explore the area. Valdivia is famous for its fish market along the front of the river where the stalls line up with their fresh produce. But the main attraction is the numerous  sealions which wait and fight for scraps just behind the stalls in the river. Did I mention that they were fat?


Sealions waiting behind the market stalls for scraps of fish

We saw one stall owner throw a bit of fish at a sea lion but the piece of fish landed comically on the centre of its back. The sea lion was swimming round and round in circles trying to get at it. Haha! Eventually the fish slid off its back and the sea lion swallowed it in one gulp!


This sealion couldn’t reach the piece of fish a market stall owner had tossed on to his back

We walked through the market and decided to buy some salmon for our dinner tonight. We tried to find the smallest piece but they were all so big. In the end, we came home with a 4.5kg piece of salmon for about £5! What a bargain!


Plenty of fresh salmon on sale


P1040198 well as a whole of of other fresh produce


We came back with a 4.5kg piece of salmon – the smallest one we could find!

In the evening, we ate a very big portion of salmon in blackbean sauce with rice. We have more salmon leftover for tomorrow night’s dinner. A lot of backpackers must buy fish from the market to cook as the hostel had big signs telling everyone to light the fish candle if they were going to be cooking fish!


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