Day 93 – Booking a hike up Volcan Villarrica

Since we arrived in Pucón, its been raining every day. And as mentioned in earlier posts, the main attraction in Pucón is the hike up Volcan Villarrica though this is a weather dependent activity. At the town hall, there are traffic signals which indicate the volcano’s activity. Green means that everything is fine. Amber means that the volcano is becoming active and red means “let’s get the hell out of here”. Although the green light has been on every day , the weather hasn’t been good enough for any groups to climb up it. But today when we walked into the tour agency, they said that there was a possibility that we could do it tomorrow!

Although the agency said that the hike was on tomorrow we were still a little bit dubious as several other agencies said that the weather wasn’t going to be good enough. We’ve been in Pucón for several days now and we only have a total of 3 weeks in Chile so if it turns out that we aren’t able to do it tomorrow, then we’ll have to move on so we decided to just go for it and book it. Gem also decided to book with us.

The agency seemed half decent, their price was okay but more importantly, the equipment looked decent so why not?!. They also said that if it was cancelled, we would get our money back. We had nothing to lose!

We returned to the agency in the evening as they said they would get a better idea of the weather for tomorrow so we returned and they said it was still going ahead. They also gave us our equipment which consisted of walking boots, trousers, jacket, mitts and a rucksack. We took all these back to the hostel with us so we would be ready to go first thing in the morning. Tomorrow we would pick up ice picks. It would be an early start tomorrow, getting up at around 6am.

Fingers crossed the weather will be okay tomorrow!

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