Day 91 – Relaxing at Pucón’s Los Pozones hot springs

Having failed to get to the hot springs on our salt flats tour in Bolivia and having failed to get to the hot springs yesterday because of an unnecessary confusion of the time, we finally made it to one of Pucón’s top attractions – Los Pozones hot springs.

When we saw the bus stop outside the hostel at around 12.15, we walked out to the bus station ready for when the bus appeared. There were no other tourists on our bus. Just a 30 minute bus journey away we were dropped off on the edge of the road in what looked like the middle of nowhere apart from a little hut. We went inside the hut and paid our entrance fee. The lady then proceeded to point towards a little road which we followed all the way to the bottom.

In total there were 5??? thermal pools. There were lockers to keep your valuables safe as well as a small changing room. But along the way, there are also little huts with pegs for you to hang your towel or bags. After getting changed, we headed to the first pool we got to. We dipped our toe in it and it was boiling! Well, not literally, but it was far too hot for us. Then we looked up at the only other person in the pool, an old man whose skin was bright red. Maybe we will build up to this?!

The pools are fairly close together and all vary in temperature. As you got further from the entrance, the pools got cooler.  We decided to stay in the pool in the middle. There was one other couple in it but the temperature was perfect. It was like taking a warm bath. The pool isn’t deep either so I didn’t have to worry about treading water! The pools are also located alongside a river so whilst you’re in the pools, you can hear the natural sounds of a flowing river. Very relaxing!


Relaxing in the hot spring

Meeting a “spiritualist”
Me and John sat for a while talking and relaxing whilst the couple at the opposite end of the pool were getting a bit close. Then an oldish man joined us and started talking to us, taking an interest in our trip and our lives. He was a bit of a spiritual kind and said that he could see our auras. Then he proceeded to do a kind of spiritual analysis of us. He said that he could see our auras and that he knew that we were in love because he could see the colour red around the bottom of our feet. He also mentioned that John was a good listener and that he was more open than me.

He then asked if he could feel my heart and came towards me and held out his hand towards my heart though he did not touch me. When he was about a metre away he just went “Wow, you have a lot of courage and are very brave.” And then asked John if he thought I was brave to which John just went she can’t swim but she went white water rafting. He rounded off by saying that I was a “strong woman with a heart of gold”.

He then asked to feel both mine and John’s ears and apparently John surprised him because his ears are more “masculine” than mine.

After about a 30 minute conversation we left him and went into a different pool. When we walked away, he mentioned that he had a flyer for something spiritual in one of the changing rooms or something. So I figured he was probably trying to spread the word of spiritualism or something. I don’t really know.

We spent the rest of the day hopping from one pool to another and finally built up to go into the hottest pool though this experience was marred by the very drunken Chilean guys also in the pool. They couldn’t understand any English and I got the impression that they were making dirty comments about me. So we didn’t stay there long and left to get to a quieter pool.


The view from above of the drunken Chileans in the pool

By now, it had probably been a couple of hours at least and we were feeling a little bit dehydrated. Plus we were turning into prunes. So we decided to call it a day. We had a quick walk around the area as the bus wasn’t due for a while before heading to the top of the road to wait for the bus.

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