Day 9 – Hello Tom!

Again, after a restful night’s sleep on a 10 hour overnight bus, we arrived early in the morning in Cusco. We took a taxi to our pre-booked hostel, Parawana. Unfortunately, check-in time was in the afternoon so we just left our luggage there and waited in the courtyard for Tom to arrive. As long as there were no hiccups with his flights, we should be seeing him in a couple of hours!

Tom actually arrived earlier than expected and we greeted him with a big hug each. Even though we’ve only been away from home for about a week, it was definitely nice to see a face from home. We headed up to the breakfast room and had a quick catch up. With a few hours sleep between us and with Tom having flown to Cusco straight from the UK via the US, we decided to take it easy and let Tom adjust to the altitude.

We took a walk around the city.  The main square, just as in the other Peruvian cities, appeared to be the busiest place. The square is dominated by a large cathedral but it was ruined by the fact that you could also see a McDonalds nearby. There were also many bars facing the square including a couple of Irish bars – they’re everywhere!


The cathedral dominating the city’s main square

I think there must have been some kind of festival on as there were school children all dancing along the streets around the square wearing masks with long noses (a piss take of the Spanish I guess). It was great to see a lot of the traditional Peruvian wear and music.


Children dressed up and dancing in the street

We returned to the hostel in the late afternoon and checked in. We had a 6 bed dorm with our own bathroom. The facilities were actually very decent. Tom had developed a headache and with barely any sleep the night before, he decided to have a little kip. Our dorm mates seemed pretty friendly too. We met 2 brothers from San Francisco who were also Chans! They had just returned from the Inca Trail and told us about their trip. They also gave us some powdered gatorade to help us on our Inca Trail! There was also a Mexican in our room who had a job promoting Jameson Whisky. Its so fascinating meeting so many different people. I love hearing about what they do. Some people have such weird jobs!

After chatting to the Chan brothers, we decided to have an early night. I know Tom definitely needed it!

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