Day 88 – Another mirador on our last day in Argentina

It’s our last full day in Argentina today and we’ve loved every minute in this country. In total, we’ve spent around 6 weeks trying to cover the country but we’ve still missed so much. Another trip perhaps? Maybe next time we’ll try and head further south towards Ushuaia to go whale watching. Rather than rushing around trying to cover the country just to be able to say “Been there, done that”, we’ve stayed a little bit longer in each place so that we could really get a feel for the place.

So on our last day, we’ve decided to head to another mirador to take in the beautiful views offered by this gorgeous little border town. This time we walked through a wooded area and on the way bumped into the girl we met at Puma Hostel who was on her way down. When we got to the top, the mirador offered yet another spectacular view over the town.


After chilling out for a bit at the mirador, we headed down and decided to treat ourselves to some ice cream! The Argentinians offer great Italian ice creams offering around 20 different flavours on average! The ice creams are also very creamy and much more like gelato than the standard Wall’s vanilla ice cream. We found a nice little ice cream shop and sat down to 1/4 of a kilo of ice cream between us with 3 different flavours. Yum!


Digging into a 1/4 of a kilo of ice cream

In the evening, we decided to head out for one last steak dinner, I mean where else would we be able to eat the best steak in the world for about £10! We chose a nice little restaurant in the middle of town, and both ordered a nice medium steak. It was a really nice meal to end our trip in Argentina. I’m going to miss the meat but right now, I feel like I’ve eaten far too much meat in the past 6 weeks, red meat in particular.


Enjoying our last Argentinian steak meal

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