Day 87 – Walking to a mirador in San Martin de los Andes

Another favourite pastime of ours in South America like a lot of locals is walking up to a mirador (viewpoint). We seem to have been doing a lot of this of late, in pretty much every town we’ve been to recently. But a good viewpoint is always a good photo opportunity and it’s usually also quite a peaceful spot.

Like El Bolson, San Martin de los Andes is a very small town. In the winter, people come here on holiday, especially other Argentinians to use the slopes. But we’ve come at a bit of an odd time when it’s just out of season for all the snow sports and it’s just entering the warmer season where hikes and treks are the reason to come to the place.

We started heading towards the mirador. It was pretty much all uphill along a road but the road was fairly quiet. It didn’t take us too long to reach it and it gave us a magnificent view of the lake surrounded by snow capped mountains. We’ve seen so many scenic views all with lakes and snow capped mountains but the views never fail to awe us! It so tranquil in these places!


Such an amazing view from the mirador

After reaching the mirador, we tried to head to a cafe recommended by the hostel but unfortunately, we got there for what looked like their siesta. We didn’t bother hanging around and headed back down.

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