Day 81 – Eating BBQ Patagonian lamb in El Bolsón

After spending a few days in Bariloche, we were quite sad to leave as our hostel was really nice and homely and the people there were friendly. But as ever, we carried on to look for pastures new. We only had a short ride to our next destination, well short by Argentinian standards, a 2 hour bus journey to El Bolsón.

Before we left, we called up a highly recommended hostel to book a room. They had one spare plus the lady offered it for less compared with hostelbookers. Bonus!! Guess El Bolsón aren’t seeing too many tourists either.

We arrived in the afternoon and when we got to the hostel – Pehuenia Hospedaje, we were greeted by a very friendly woman, Gabrielli. She was so lovely and we were the only ones in the hostel apart from two Argentinean guys who had a cabin in their garden so we were given a family room which had a double bed and a bunk bed. It was such a nice little guesthouse. The hostel was run by a husband, Claudio and wife Gabrielli, who lived next door with their son and daughter (by next door, I meant that to get to their home, you walked through a door in the living room). They also had three huge dogs one of which decided to run through my legs and lift me off the ground.

In the evening, the husband popped out to the butchers and came back with some top Patagonian lamb for our asado that evening. The Argentinians had requested to try the Patagonian lamb and invited me and John to join them for dinner. Of course we said yes! Because it was little bit chilly outside now and because there was only the four of us eating, the husband decided to do the BBQ on their fireplace. Suits me, if it means I don’t have to stand outside in the cold!

We gave the husband a hand with the asado, helping to marinade the lamb in chimichurri sauce (the best sauce ever for red meat!!) and after a good couple of hours, dinner was finally served! The lamb was served alongside BBQ’d potatoes, bread and salad. The meat was so succulent washed down with red wine! We offered to split the cost of the food but the Argentinians were having none of it!


Marinading the Patagonian lamb

After dinner, we spent some time with the Argentinians talking about our trip and what we did as a living etc and vice versa. Then we got onto the topic of music festivals. We told them about Glastonbury and they couldn’t believe how many people attended! The guy then explained that at Argentinian festivals, everyone does the “pogo”, which is where they all just jump up and down for the whole gig.

They were nice guys and were just on a few days holiday. They worked together in Buenos Aries as journalists but they both have a  passion for travel. Because the guys had been on a long walk today, they retired to bed early so me and John just stayed up drinking red wine and uploading our photos to Flickr.

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