Day 80 – Exploring Llao Llao National Park

I’m still achey today but I don’t want to waste another day so we headed off to the local national park which was a recommended day trip from the hostel. We caught the local bus and sat down having little idea of when to get off. We asked people on the bus when to get off for the Llao Llao National Park. John had a quick look at the map before hand. After sitting on the bus for around 20 minutes, John bolted up and said that we were here. We weren’t. We ended up walking up for about 15 minutes or so. We found a little man in a house on the roadside. He didn’t have a clue where the national park was or he just acted confused. We carried on walking up and we came across a guy with a two little kids. He also acted confused then suddenly he was like “ahh, ‘jao jao’ parque”! Then it clicked. I forgot that two L’s in Argentinean Spanish is pronounced as a “J”. I was pronouncing llao llao with “L”‘s rather than a “J”. No wonder they couldn’t understand me! I did learn this regional difference at Spanish school in Buenos Aries but it just slipped my mind.

We had to get on the bus again but this time we found it with no problems. The national park is a woodland with quite clear footpaths. I mentioned in an earlier post that recently Bariloche was covered in volcanic ash. This was still evident in the national park where the ground was still covered in grey ash.


The ground was still covered in grey volcanic ash

There were a few clear signposted routes so we just followed one which led to a peaceful lake where we ate our packed lunch.


We sat and ate our packed lunch by this lake in Llao Llao National Park

The park is very scenic and with a drop in the number of tourists as a result of the volcanic ash, we barely bumped into anyone in the park. On the upside, we managed to get to some secluded area where it was very peaceful. It was great. We shouted and could hear the echoes around us.


Doing the standard jumping shot by a secluded lake

After a few hours walking, we decided to head back but we didn’t have the times of the bus. When we approached the bus stop, we could see it coming round the corner. We had to run! With stiff legs from the snowboarding yesterday, this was not ideal. But we made it!

We caught up with everyone else back at the hostel once they all returned from the slopes. We ended up taking part in a Yaniv competition which I won. I even beat an Israeli!!

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