Day 8 – Recovery day

After an eventful day yesterday, we decided to take it easy again today before taking an overnight bus to Cusco. John, at least, has stopped throwing up but just feels a bit weak. My headache is going…

We mostly just strolled around and managed to find a nice Alpaca jumper for John. There’s so much stuff to buy. Its a shame we’re only at the start of our trip otherwise I probably would have blown our budget already! In the afternoon, we went to the square and sat and read our books. There, we bumped into the doctor and her son Alejandro. They greeted us with kisses on each cheek and a hug, Peruvians are so friendly! We had a brief conversation explaining that John was now recovered and we wished them well for their flight back to Lima tonight.

In the evening, we boarded our 10 hour bus to Cusco, where altitude is even higher…

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I’m Julia and I've just returned from the adventure of my life. I went travelling around South America, the South Pacific and South East Asia for 12 months, and I'd do it all over again if I could! Julia on Google+
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