Day 75 – Another day of rest

After a fairly lazy day yesterday we decided to get out and go to the local hot springs located across the city. Termas de Cachueta is a hot springs / water park located a little bit out of the city. Half water park and half luxury spa hotel, there were a few package options including being picked up, pampering service, and a buffet meal. We decided to make our way up there on the bus and just pay the general admission – the cheapest option of course! But this would mean having to get up early for the bus but it would be a significant saving.

Come 7:30 we woke up, and it was raining, very heavily. Although you only got wet anyway at the hot springs, with the early morning wake up call and the miserable weather outside, we decided against it and slept in more and had another lazy day. Poor effort I know but we’re really enjoying our lazy days right now!

After stuffing ourselves at breakfast we had lunch, popped out to the shops but pretty much spent the day watching TV and uploading photos to our Flickr account.

It’s great some times to do nothing, and today was a good nothing day!

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