Day 72 – Chilling in Parque San Martin in Mendoza

With my birthday coming up soon we decided to spoil ourselves and move to a new hostel and get a private room! We moved to Empedrado Hostel which is one of the higher rated hostels in Mendoza due to the many free evening activities it offers. Plus you get a free glass of wine every night!!  Backpackers love freebies and we’re no different.

After moving we had a quick shower and decided the day would be best spent exploring the local area. Plus my arms were a little achey from white water rafting yesterday. Before we headed off we bumped into Tom and Lauren who we met in Cordoba in the hostel. We knew they were going to be staying in the hostel (John and Tom may have been arranging this together or maybe John just copied Tom?). As it was also Lauren’s birthday tomorrow we decided that our birthdays would be best spent on a wine tour, more about that in the next post.

We set off walking and decided to head all the way across town to the Parque San Martin, a huge park set in the west of the city. Even though we had been active the day before it was good to get out in the fresh air and walk a few miles.


We circled the park watching the various people roller blading, cycling and running before sitting down by the boating lake to relax in the sun.

Before long we had some friends. A group of teenage girls who were not in school as it was the day after voting or some random holiday were pacing up and down around us trying to look casual. After walking a little while, they picked up the courage to talk to us as they wanted to practice their English.

This was also a good time for me to practice some of the Spanish I had been learning during my week in Buenos Aries. Although the conversation didn’t flow too much we were able to understand that it was one of the girl’s birthday’s in mentioning it was my birthday tomorrow. Immediately, we got a quick rendition of Happy Birthday in english. Very strange but very fun.

On our way back to the hostel, we bumped into the same group again and they frantically all got their phones out as they wanted to take pictures of me and John. Weird. We didn’t do much in the evening, just cooked a meal and got a good nights sleep before the big day, my birthday and wine tasting!!!

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