Day 70 – Meeting up with friendly faces in Mendoza

We arrived in Mendoza early in the morning and checked into a cheapish hostel which gave us a dorm room in what appeared to be the basement. No complaints though as they let us check in and shower as soon as we arrived around 7.30am instead of making us wait till early afternoon to check in as most other hostels do.

In the evening, we met up with Ro and Mike who we had met in Tupiza, Bolivia on our horse riding trip. After Tupiza, we split. We headed to Argentina and they headed to Chile. Mendoza is one of the main border crossings from Santiago, Chile and it turns out that Ro and Mike had crossed into Mendoza yesterday from Santiago. Random!

Anyway, we decided to meet up and go for dinner with them so me and John walked up to their hostel and met them. They had also invited a couple of other friends who they had met on their travels.

After a quick catch up, we decided to go for a drink first but no where was serving alcohol. It was the elections again tomorrow! Argh! We were all seated and ready to order and the waiter turns around and says no alcohol so we walked out. In the end, we went to an Irish bar but they said that we had to order food if we wanted alcohol. So we ended up ordering a platter for 2 between all 6 of us to nibble on whilst we drank our beers.

After, we headed to a restaurant and ate a parilla! Having just arrived in Argentina, Mike and Ro had not tried a parilla yet. The parillas were quite big so we ordered 2 parillas (each was meant for 2) between six of us. It was the perfect amount. And we drank a couple more bottles of red wine.

It was great catching up with them. They had enjoyed Chile but they weren’t too impressed with the ski resort near Santiago. We are planning to go to a ski resort but to go snowboarding. But we’ll be going further south to Bariloche.

By the end of the night, me and John were flagging. We had barely any sleep from last night’s bus journey and with the amount of wine we drank, we were ready to fall into a stupor. We finished the meal around midnight and me and John decided to get a taxi back to the hostel as we were too tired.


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