Day 67 – Meeting our first “travel wanker”

After the night out we had a bit of a sleep in. Then we decided to get out and make the most of the sunshine so we headed to a park and sat there for a bit. When we got hungry, we headed back to make some lunch – a fried egg sandwich each, living the high life!

P1030729 Standing by the lake with turtles in the park

When we were eating our lunch, we had the unfortunate luck to talk to our first “travel wanker”. After having a 2 minute conversation, I knew immediately that I didn’t really want to continue talking to him. We were so uninterested in what he had to say we didn’t ask for his name. He classed himself has a flash packer and basically wanted everyone to know how much money he had and how he was spending it.

In that conversation and seeing him round the hostel, here’s some of the highlights of some of his verbal vomit:

“I’m a micro-traveller. I go home and work for a few months and then I travel for a few months”

“Bread and jam is not a breakfast. I go out and buy my breakfast every day. Actually, I never cook. I just buy what I want. I can afford to.” – note that he is saying this when me and John have just cooked a meal of a fried egg sandwich each. He is eating 6 empanadas. Our response to the breakfast comment is that its free, so we eat it.

“Do you like my jacket, my mum got it me. She has so much swag”

“I never get the bus anywhere, I fly everywhere. I got the bus once in Argentina and I went for the executive suite where I get my own compartment and a night cap of brandy and that was still shit. Why should I get the bus if I can afford to fly?”

“I can’t be bothered with backpacks. I just use a suitcase”

“So have you guys been out here? I’m here to PARTY!!”

On paper, some of these comments don’t sound half as bad. It was the way he held himself and the way he said it. Trust me. He was a wanker!

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