Day 59 – Going to a maté tasting class

On entering my Spanish class this morning, we were one person short. Alfredo informed us that Fernando had left our class for 1 on 1 lessons. Apparently, because he only had a week to learn Spanish he wanted a more intense course and felt it better for him to have private lessons. Fair enough though his level of commitment appears to be higher than mine!

I’m starting to get to know everyone in the class. The lesson went well and because everyone is there to learn (unlike at school), everyone really makes an effort and we’re all relaxed enough to laugh out loud when someone says something stupid. At the end we played a game whereby the teacher threw a ball around the classroom and if you caught it you had to name a fruit. It’s quite good ending on a fun note.

Straight after the lesson at 1pm, me and Marriane (the other english girl in my class) headed to the top floor where they were holding the weekly free mate tasting class.

Maté is a herbal tea drank by every Argentinean. When we first arrived in Argentina, we noticed that all the locals would take a flask and a mug with them which had a permanent/metal straw sticking out of it. They would pour a little bit of hot water in, then take a sip. Then they would add another bit of water to it, and pass the cup around and the next person would take a sip so it’s a very social drink.

At the free maté tasting class they showed us what went into the tea (sugar was optional) and then passed the mug around as the locals do. I was about to take a sip when Marriane mentioned that this was probably how coldsores spread. Having never had a coldsore in my life, as soon as she said it, I passed and handed it to the next person. Chances were probably slim but the comment just completely put me off trying it. I’ve still got a few more weeks yet in Argentina so I’m sure I will try it at some point.


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