Day 58 – First day at ExSpanish in Buenos Aires

I started Spanish school today! It felt like it was my first day at work. I felt slightly nervous but more excited. My alarm went off at 7.45. After breakfast, armed with my little backpack, I set off at 8.30 to get to school for 9 – a half hour walk from the hostel. When I arrived at ExSpanish, all the newcomers had to gather in a room where we were told which class we were in.

I was put in a class of 6. There was another english girl (Marriane), an Irish boy (John), an American guy (Casey), and three Brazilians (Mari, Fabio and Fernando). Our teacher was Alfredo – he was also quite hot, bonus! The first thing that we had to do was introduce ourself and explain why you want to learn spanish IN SPANISH! I can’t really remember what I said but it was something in the lines of wanting to communicate with locals.

After, we had to partner up and ask each other questions. I was partnered with Fernando. At one point in the exercise, I asked him what a word he said meant and his reply was “I’m here to learn spanish. I do not want to speak English”. Apart from Fernando, who just seems a little bit too serious, everyone seems really nice. I think John is a bit too good for the class.

Overall, it was a really good lesson. Alfredo made everyone feel at ease and I feel very comfortable in the class. I think it was a good choice to come here.

John spent the day going round the Boca Juniors ground but it was a bit of shame that it was out of season otherwise he would have tried to catch a match. I would probably also consider going to one if it was on.

In the evening, me and John went to see La Bomba del Tiempo  (The Timebomb) – a 17-piece drum and percussion group with South American sounds. The group play at the Konex centre in Buenos Aires every monday night at 7pm. I had arranged to also meet Mari from my Spanish class. But she didn’t turn up until about 8pm. The gig was really busy and it was just lucky that we managed to bump into each other. The bar sold litre bottles of Quilmes, the Argentine beer, but you weren’t allowed to drink it by the stage, only in the bar area which was a shame.

The show finished around 10pm but Mari left a little bit earlier as it was going to take her a while to get home. Overall, the show was pretty good and we had a nice evening. Everyone around us seemed to be having a nice time and the atmosphere was very hippie-like. I think a lot of people had probably taken mushrooms or something.

P1030568 La Bomba del Tiempo

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