Day 57 – San Telmo Sunday market

With a slight hangover from the night before, we managed to get up in time to catch the end of breakfast! Not wanting to waste a day, we decided to head to the San Telmo market which is on every sunday. The market stretches over several cobbled streets selling arts and crafts, jewellery, antiques and clothes. It’s a definite must for anyone visiting the city.

P1030491 Me looking at some scarves at the a stall

It was very busy yet the atmosphere was very laid back. However, we did come across one stall which was struggling to draw any attention. It was selling hot sauce! If you don’t know already, Argentinians hate spicy sauces. They sit on the opposite end of the scales to the Thais and Indians. The stall was being manned by a couple of Americans who were trying to sell their homemade chilli sauce. We had a quick chat with them and they were like yeah, we don’t really sell that many bottles. We had a sample and it was actually very nice but we didn’t want to lug a bottle of chilli sauce around with us.

After spending a couple of hours at the market, I returned to the hostel with two new scarves for 15 pesos (just under £3). With another 10 months on the road, there’s no way I could go out buying all the souvenirs I wanted. If I was at the end of my trip, I would have bought so much!

We spent the rest of the day chilling out in the hostel with the Dutch girls and the Belgian girl before they left in the evening for their flight home.

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