Day 50 – Toilet trouble at Iguazu Falls

It’s going to happen sooner or later and its happened now. I have the shits….really bad. I had the worst nights sleep last night. The whole night I was running to the toilet and suffering from stomach cramps – not the greatest of situations especially when you’re in a 4 bed dorm. My stomach was making these really loud gurgling sounds  all night which was then followed by a cramp…:( We had shared the room with a french couple and in the morning the guy was like “Is your stomach okay?”. And I was like urm…no, not really. What’s strange is how open you become when talking about your bowel troubles with complete strangers. But then I guess its part and parcel of travelling so it’s going to come up sooner or later.

By about 11am, I thought that maybe I would be okay to go to Iguazu Falls so we set off armed with a toilet roll in my bag. We walked down to the bus station where there were buses running frequently to the park so there was no need to pre-book a day ahead.

It was a really sunny day and when we arrived we went up to the booth to buy a ticket. Next to the booth was a sign stating how much it was for a foreigner and how much a ticket cost for a local. The foreigner price was double that of the local’s. Surprise surprise. Argentinians really know how to rinse your purse. But what choice did we have? So we paid the price and headed into the park.

The park is actually very big and there are several waterfalls to see. We decided to head to the furthest point first where the largest waterfall was – the main attraction. We had the option to take a miniature train to take us to different points in the park but we assumed we would have to pay for it so we decided to walk it. Having not had much to eat yesterday and nothing today, I was a getting tired when we were walking. The heat wasn’t helping either. After about 30 minutes we were almost there and we bumped into a couple we met in Salta at our hostel. In the middle of the conversation, I had to leave to sit down as I felt faint. Then I had to rush to the loo. Just great! But we had paid all this money to get in, I wasn’t going to leave just yet without seeing the waterfall. John went and bought me a Gatorade to see if that would give me any much needed energy but I could only sip it.

After sitting down for about 20 minutes I decided I was okay to continue. We headed to Garganta del Diablo – the largest waterfall.

P1030282 The start of the walkway to the largest of the Iguazu Falls

The sheer scale of the waterfall was probably the most impressive point of the waterfall

Just across the way are tourists viewing the waterfall on the Brazilian side. It looks like on the Argentinean side you get closer to the falls whereas the Brazilian side gives you a wider angle view of the falls. We didn’t do both sides as a lot of tourists do.

Still not feeling 100%, I ploughed on. We headed towards the other waterfalls and managed to see some beautiful rainbows.

P1030376 John with a rainbow in the background

Then we headed towards the Lower Trail which would take us within 20 metres of the waterfall. Because I wasn’t feeling well, I decided that I didn’t really want to get in the middle of the crowds and get soaking wet so I stood on the side and let John have his fun.


John getting soaking wet

After visiting all the waterfalls, we decided to catch the miniature train to take us back to the entrance. We found out it was actually free! We should have taken it at the start then maybe I wouldn’t have felt so faint.

I made it back to the hostel but pretty much collapsed in bed when we arrived. It would have been a great day if only I was feeling 100%. Nevertheless, I did enjoy myself and it’s definitely a day trip which I recommend. And from those who had seen Iguazu Falls from the Brazilian and Argentinian side, the majority said that the Argentinian side was better.

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