Day 49 – Arriving in Puerto Iguazu

We arrived in Puerto Iguazu after around 24-25 hours on the bus from Salta. The journey was okay and I managed to get some sleep though it’s not quite the same as a bed! We arrived in the early afternoon and walked around with our backpacks on trying to find a hostel. We saw a couple but they just weren’t that nice and in the end, I sat down on a bench with our bags whilst John walked around trying to find a place for us.

We ended up in a 4 bed dorm. We dropped our bags off and had a quick walk round. Puerto Iguazu is very touristy and without Iguazu Falls as the main attraction, I’m not sure how many people would include this place in their itinerary. It is very small with a lot of restaurants but other than that, there isn’t much else to the place. It helped that the sun was shining down on us though.

Come evening, I still wasn’t very hungry. Maybe I was just tired from the long bus journey. We went to the supermarket and I bought a yoghurt for my dinner. We plan to go to Iguazu Falls  tomorrow – one of the largest waterfalls in the world on the Argentina-Brazil border. Having slept on a bus last night, we were pretty shattered so we had an early night.


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