Day 48 – 24 hour bus from Salta to Puerto Iguazu

Because we’ve not done anything touristy in Salta, we’ve decided to leave a day earlier than planned. However, we paid for an extra day’s accommodation upfront and unfortunately we were unable to get this money back. Note to self: from now on, we will only pay for our hostel one day in advance.

Our bus wasn’t until early afternoon so we spent the morning mooching around and decided to head back to the market for some food. We ended up having pizza again but this time the cheese was almost an inch thick on top. Straight after the meal, I felt a bit dodgy but I put it down to eating 1/2 a kilo of shit cheese.

We boarded the bus around 2pm. What’s shocking is the price. Since the prices have been published in the Lonely Planet, there has been massive price inflation in Argentina, which meant that the real ticket prices we were quoted were more than double that in the Lonely Planet – it was a massive shock! Our ticket to Puerto Iguazu cost us around £80 each!

On the up side, Argentinean buses are probably the nicest buses I’ve ever travelled on. They’re double decker buses and you get served hot meals. On our journey to Puerto Iguazu, we were served dinner, breakfast and lunch along with a glass of wine with our meal. They also constantly play movies for us to watch but its hit or miss as to whether the movies are in Spanish or English.

By the evening, my stomach still felt a bit bloated from the pizza. And I pretty much slept from around 7pm as I felt exhausted for some reason.


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