Day 47 – Tour options in Salta

We’re undecided about what to do in Salta. Coming from Bolivia, Argentina is noticeably more expensive in terms of travel, food and tours. There are a few pamphlets flying around the hostel including a horse riding tour but after our last experience I think we’re giving that a firm no. We decided to enquire about white water rafting. Well, I’m not that fussed about it but John really wants to go so rather than going to the tour agencies, we’ve discovered it’s always cheaper going direct to the source. So after researching on the Internet, we had a couple of addresses for some white water rafting companies.

We headed out to find them and got a few quotes. We also went to an agency to get a quote for the Train to the Clouds, a train journey which travels at 4,200 meters above sea level. But this was ridiculously expensive for what it was so we gave that a miss.

We headed back to the market for lunch as it was cheap. No pizza this time. I went for roast chicken and chips whilst John went for a steak napolitina (I can’t remember how you spell it). It was basically a thin slice of steak in breadcrumbs on rice and chips with a fried egg and melted cheese on top.


John’s steak napolitina

Over lunch, we decided that we would give white water rafting a miss as Mendoza looked like a place which offered better white water rafting, plus it looked cheaper.

In a bit of a limbo as to what to do in Salta, we explored parts of the city before heading to the supermarket to buy dinner. Our parilla last night set us back around £15 and we can’t go spending that every night on dinner so we’ve decided to eat in tonight. So on the menu tonight is spinach and ricotta tortellini. Yum!

Back at the hostel, we met a couple of english guys who were basically doing our trip in reverse in 6 months! Our jaws dropped when we heard this. We’re struggling to cover everything in our trip in a year. If we had half the time, we’d be so tired, which is what they were. We recommended to them the same restaurant that we went to last night and they came back with the thumbs up.

With Argentina being a little bit more expensive than we anticipated, we decided to have a quiet one and stayed in with the two lads playing Yaniv and watching TV.

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