Day 44 – Haircuts and more accidents in Tupiza

The day after the accident with the horse, John was a little sore to say the least. Plus we both had pretty sore bums after straddling a horse for 7 hours. But that wouldn’t be the end of the accidents in Tupiza. We started the day by moving to a hostel nearer to the bus station as we would have a very early bus the next day/tonight.

Next job was to go and get John’s haircut for the first time on this trip. Getting a haircut isn’t John’s favourite past time however he was looking forward to it with the possibility of coming out with a random haircut. Walking around the town we found a few places to get a haircut. In the end we picked a small place with a very old Bolivan man. The main reason for picking it was the huge number of pictures on the wall which would prove useful.

The idea was to point to the picture of a haircut and then point to John’s head. The pictures were straight out of the 80’s and 90’s, plenty of mullets, pony tails and slick American cuts.


We picked haircut number 29. Which was the best out of a bad bunch.


John sat down in the chair which needed to be lowered. The Bolivians aren’t the tallest. He then sprayed alcohol onto his scissors and comb and set fire to get rid of the last persons hair.

He then set off cutting, however his style and apparently the style of all Bolivian mens’ haircuts is a high line at the back. He finished the haircut off with a razor blade around the back of the neck which was ok, until he sprayed the alcohol into the area which had just been razored. Cue a MaCaulay Culkin Home Alone style scream from John.


And the end result? A high back line and a nice white line where no sun had been!


Then time for the accident. As we were buying some shampoo in the local market in Tupiza I fell down a gutter scrapping my foot. I looked down thought nothing of it but then a moment later looked down and my foot was covered blood.

We trooped back to the hostel with some tissue on my foot stopping the flow of blood. Back at the hostel John cleaned up my foot, with some Savlon and plasters. A closer inspection and I had chopped a chunk of flesh off my heal, however it was still hanging on! Gross!

We had a better time in the evening meeting up with Ro and Mike who we met horse riding yesturday. We headed to Alamos Restaurant for some food and drinks. We found out the dodgy horse’s continued with Ro’s horse dumping her as she crossed a river, the shock had caused her to faint twice but thankfully she came away with no serious injuries just a few bumps and bruises.

An interesting day and ready for another early morning.

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