Day 42 – To Tupiza we go

Out last stop in Bolivia was to be Tupiza, a town which many skip deciding to head straight to Argentina after visiting the salt flats. We started super early to get the bus, leaving the hostel at around 3 in the morning, having to wake up the night porter to let us out as the door was chained up, John thought the worst and predicted we would miss the bus, we didn’t.

One problem about early mornings is the cold; huddled in a small bus company office we waited for the bus to depart getting some heat from a gas burner. It wasn’t much warmer on the bus. While we layered up our fellow passengers all had warm thick blankets and the kids all in one ski suits!

The journey was nice but so cold. We counted the minutes until the sun rose to shed some much needed sunlight onto the side of the bus. At a stop our bus was merged with another bus and we met Ro and Mike, two dentists from England.

We arrived in Tupiza and a very camp young guy advised we should go to his hostel to stay, we headed to his and grabbed a decent room for the night. We booked for a horse riding tour the next day and grabbed some really cheap street food before heading for an early night and a movie in bed!

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