Day 36 – Mini pizzas, a business innovation for the UK

Last night we probably had our worst night’s sleep. At around 4 or 5am, the light in our dorm switched on, and in comes one of the Irish guys trying to wake up the Irish guy sleeping opposite me. Imagine the most gravelliest voice ever saying “Paul, where’s the weed?” repeatedly. After a brief conversation (he didn’t get his weed), the guy asking for the weed climbs into his top bunk in the dorm panting like its his last breath, before collapsing in his bed. After about 10 minutes he begins to sleep talk, half in english and half in spanish. In the morning, he was still sleep talking. My guess was that he’d probably taken some cocaine and needed the weed to calm him down. The joys of sleeping in a dorm!

We walked around a nearby park today and ate some salteñas and this deep fried potato thing stuffed with meat for lunch. It was a pretty nice day so we sat and read for a bit in the park before we bumped into the weird French girl again who came and sat with us for a bit.

In the evening, we ate mini pizzas from the street. They were so tasty. On the streets of Sucre, there are a few stalls selling these pizzas. They push around a mini oven and have about 4 or 5 difference pizzas for you to choose from. The pizzas are probably slightly larger than a kids pizza from Pizza Hut and not as big as an individual pizza. Once you choose your pizza, they pop it in the oven for about 10 minutes before serving it to you. Yummy!

This stall would be brilliant in the UK. After a night out, imagine walking straight out of the club to be met with a stall selling these mini pizzas! Set up costs would be low as all you need to buy is the portable oven trolley and then the pizzas. Then watch the money roll in. (I’m sure there are probably some other regulations you need to abide to but we’ll ignore those for now). At home, I would probably pay £3.50 for one of those pizzas! More if I was completely out of it!

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