Day 35 – Cal Orkco and the Dino Footprint Wall

As nice as Sucre is there’s not a central “thing to do” – no volcano, no salt flats, nothing to blow up etc. It’s just a nice place to chill and sample some cheap market food. The nearest to a main attraction is the dinosaur footprints / park. Known as Cal Orkco, the major attraction is a set of dinosaur prints that were preserved under layers of sand over thousands of years. Due to shifts in the earth’s crust, the flat rock was pushed up and s now at a 70 degree angle. Discovered by miners, it’s a tourist attraction outside the city so to get there you need to ride the Dino Bus!

The Dino Bus

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I even kept the ticket, 30 BS is about £2.70

There’s a short video to watch, a guided tour, fossils, maps of the area and giant dinosaur models. It’s great when the kids got close to the model and it let out a roar from an internal speaker.


You got to the top of the park to the viewing platform after a massive build up from the guide, the information in the museum, the movie (I think it was just a BBC documentary dubbed in Spanish) and the main attraction is just a huge rock face about 100 metres away with some dinosaur footprints in, a little disappointing.


The wall

A little closer look.

Ok, if you’re into dinosaurs, geology  or archaeology,  then it might be a little bit more interesting but for us it was a little boring and probably one of the worst tourist attractions we’ve been to. Nevertheless, it was a laugh and we got to ride the Dino Bus back!

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