Day 34 – Amigo Hostel, the most regulated hostel ever?

We arrived in Sucre fairly early in the morning after an overnight bus journey from Cochabamba. We’re kind of getting use to these cold bus journeys but for some reason, no matter how many layers we wear, we’re still freezing are asses off for the most part of the night.

Sucre is a nice little place with quite a lot of little cafes around for you to chill out in. We walked around a few hostels and decided to stay in Amigo Hostel, a bit of a crappy one as it was cheap. We’re in an 8 bed dorm and it looks like we’re sharing it with a bunch of Irish lads. After checking in, we noticed how regulated everything was. Here are some rules for the Amigo Hostel:

1. Weird ticketing system. You must pick up your breakfast voucher (a scrappy piece of paper which the staff member scribbles 2 breakfasts on, one for me and one for John) from reception every morning before handing it to the lady in the kitchen who will give you one piece of bread with jam and butter and tea or coffee, a standard breakfast in Bolivia.

2. If you want to watch your own DVD you may but you must pay and we will keep the DVD afterwards.

3. You have to ask to watch the TV (The TV room was locked) and the volume is controlled by the staff member.

All a bit militarised but I guess the hostel was cheap. The bathroom was rather grimy too. I’m so glad that I bought that pair of flip flops from the market in Cochabamba to wear in the showers!

We walked around a bit in the afternoon and chose a nice little cafe to sit down for a drink and to decide what we want to do here. In the late afternoon, we headed back to our hostel and sat in the kitchen and socialised with some other fellow travellers. We met a French girl who is in our dorm and she had brought a rather fancy cake. It was her birthday! She shared her cake with us all. After eating her cake, she mentioned that she didn’t really have any plans to celebrate so me and John decided to invite her out for dinner with us. We let her decide where she wanted to go so we went to a few restaurants and they were all a bit pricey as she was on a budget. In the end, she decided that we would eat in the market.  After a plate of chicken, rice and potato, we headed to a bar where there was a 241 offer!

The girl was nice but I don’t think she’s the kind of girl we would normally socialise with. She looked a bit like a pixie and we found conversation a bit difficult with her. But it was her birthday and she shared her cake with us so we didn’t mind too much. After a few beers, we decided to head back to the hostel. I don’t think she was too much of a party animal.


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