Day 32 – All you can eat in Cochabamba

Its our last day in La Paz and we were ready for another move. This time to Cochabamba. The bus ride took around 5/6 hours so we ended up arriving late afternoon. We walked around the town and planned an evening meal at Bufalo Rodizio – an all you can eat Brazilian meat fest so we decided to eat as little as possible during the day as you normally do when preparing for a buffet meal.

We’ve been to a similar buffet style Brazilian restaurant in Manchester but there we paid around £25 each. Here, in Cochabamba, it costs just £6! Plus the meat is probably better here anyway. It was a good job we didn’t eat much during the day as stuffed ourselves silly on pretty much every kind of meat known to man, including chicken hearts and cow hearts (the latter was not very tasty at all). The restaurant was quite “flashy” for Bolivia and I guess the restaurant’s main clientele would be tourists and rich Bolivians. It made a nice change to all the market stalls we’ve been eating at though.

After gorging ourselves, we took a slow walk back to our very basic hostel. I feel like I don’t want to eat meat ever again!! Also, why is that every time you go for an all you can eat, at the end, you always think now that was a bad idea?!

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