Day 31 – A quick ride back and a surprise meeting

Another nice breakfast at the hostel before heading off to get the plane back to La Paz. While waiting in the Amazonia office for a bus to take us to the airport, I noticed another backpacker arriving at the office. After a double take I turned to John and said “Is that John?”. It was. John who used to live in my halls of residence when we were at university in Manchester. A few months ago, John had contacted me to say that he was going to Bolivia in the summer but I couldn’t give him a set date for when I was going to be there. And we left it at that waiting for us to contact each other. Looks like we didn’t need to in the end!  Totally at random we were now both on the same plane back to La Paz, the plane only had 18 seats! Small world!

After bounding outside and greeting him with a little ball of excitement, he told us that he had been on a 4 day tour which involved cycling, kayaking and a few other activities. It was really nice to see him.


The ride back


So small you could see the pilots

The flight back only took 35 minutes, a lot quicker than the 25 hour bus journey we survived 3 days before. We tried to get into Loki Hostel in La Paz where we had arranged to meet John in the evening but it was fully booked. So we had to go to Bacoo Hostel around the corner. In the evening we headed back to the stall in the backstreet for another sausage meal. We then met up with John and his girlfriend in Loki along with others from the Pampas tour for a few beers!

From left to right: John (mine), me, Rachel (uni John’s girlfriend) and John (uni friend)

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