Day 304 – A trip to the beach at Hue on bikes

It was the first sunny day in Vietnam so far. Honestly, it was, however we’ve deleted the photos from the day. Can’t find them, gone lost forever. Good job we wrote some notes for this blog.

We decided to hire bikes and ride to the beach to enjoy the sun. It cost 20000 dong for the day, so around 60p each.

We rode the short 5km to the beach which wasn’t too strenuous and then proceeded to sunbathe all day. The beach was ok for enjoying the sun however the waves far too big to swim in.

For lunch we had boiled chicken, garlic with rice. And a soup. Very similar to a dish we eat at home a lot.

After enough sun for the day we headed back for a shower and rest. We picked up the dress and jacket in the evening. The jacket was great, amazing what a tailored jacket fits like. The dress was a little off so needed further alterations…

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