Day 30 – Swimming with pink river dolphins

Last day in the jungle and we were due for some more wildlife spotting AND a chance to swim with pink river dolphins. We had spotted a few waves created by the dolphins over the past two days but today we were given a chance to see some and swim with some.

We found a good point on the river and started banging on the side of the boat (apparently they like that) when we spotted a few dolphins. At this point four people in our group jumped into the water. I was never going to get in seeing as though I can’t tread water and there was no floating device available (I guess it is Bolivia!). Plus it was cold, there was a strong current but most importantly this was the area where we had previously been piranha fishing and spotting the massive caimans so John didn’t fancy a swim. Our guide put us at ease explaining that the “river dolphin is your friend”, “he will protect you”, “he is king of the river” and “piranha no like deep water”. John still didn’t go in and neither did the two Irish girls.


The pink river dolphin, took a few attempts to get a photo.


The brave people from our group in the river.

After the swim we headed back to Rurrenabaque via the dusty jeep. In the evening we headed for a cheap meal and drinks with the rest of the group.

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