Day 3 – Off to Picso we go

We got a taxi to the bus station and bought a bus ticket to Pisco. The bus station looked like it had been recently renovated with quite a modern decor. It actually reminded me of Birmingham’s newly renovated Digbeth coach station! Whilst we were waiting for our bus, there was a TV production company filming inside the waiting area. It looked like they were just filming people walking from one side to the other over and over again. Before we knew it, John was part of the group walking from one side to the other. I had the job of looking after our bags! Then I was about to join in, but we got called to board our bus. So we gave the cast a wave and a quick Adios. The bus to pisco took 3 hours. It appeared as though the bus just pulled up on some dirt roads and then was shouting “senorita” at me followed by the word “Pisco”. Only a handful of us got off. No other gringos. John was a bit sceptical about getting off here as he didnt think it was Pisco as it looked as though we were dropped in the middle of nowhere! When we stepped off this was pretty much our conversation:

John: “Are you sure this is Pisco?”

Me: Yes, the man told us to get off as it was Pisco.

John: Are you sure? We’re in the middle of nowhere. I don’t think it is.

Me: Yes, the man told us to get off as it was Pisco.

John: Hmm..I dont think it is.

Turns out is was. We just had to get a taxi to the town. We booked into a nice hostel with our own room and tv! In the afternoon, we booked a tour to Islas Ballestas the next day to see some sealions and other marine life.

Pisco is a very small town and many of its buildings were destroyed by an 8.0 magnitude earthquake in 2007. The recovery of the town has been slow but there are signs of restoration. The most obvious being a new church which is currently being built next to the damaged one.


This is the old church damaged by the earthquake in 2007

In the evening, we went to a little restaurant to try some real Peruvian food – namely ceviche. This national dish is a raw seafood salad smothered in a lime juice dressing. Its been 3 days and Im eating a massive plate of raw seafood. Wise? We’ll see tomorrow!

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