Day 29 – On the hunt for an anaconda

I managed to get a decent night’s sleep last night despite the cold but the others in our group complained about a howling monkey in the night which apparently sounded as if it was right outside our hut. I’m probably lucky that I’m quite a deep sleeper!

After breakfast, we went on a trek away from the river in search of an anaconda. All of us in the group had the idea that we were off to find a giant, vicious snake. This perception most likely came from the 1997 film starting Jennifer Lopez, but as we were to find out we would be totally wrong.

The plan was to walk for around 4 hours to see some scenery and hopefully find an anaconda. Within the first couple of hours we did manage to find a snake, but not one that was alive. We also found a snake’s skin which had been recently shed. Other interesting spots included a decapitated capybara. Our guide was pretty sure that a jaguar had been the executioner. Further on, we found what was left of the body.


A capybaras head.

We walked, walked and walked some more looking in hiding spots but had no luck. After around 4 hours, we decided to head back but just as we were walking back we got a call from the other group – that included the grumpy German guy who told us off the previous night for being too loud. They had managed to find an anaconda, all we had to do was find the other group which proved to be a task in itself. For some reason, our guide decided to take us through thick weeds/plants about 10 ft high, using his machete to clear a pathway for us. There really was no need for that as the group were only about a 10 minute walk from where we had received the call. After about 30 minutes, we finally arrived and I have to say we were all a little underwhelmed.  It was around 1.25 metres. But, it was an anaconda and an alive snake which meant the morning wasn’t a total failure.



The anaconda we found

After lunch we then headed out to go….. piranha fishing. We had all been looking forward to the fishing and it was great fun. Armed with a small line, a hook and tiny pieces of read meat we tied the boat in the shallows and started fishing. With little clumps of meat it didn’t take long for the first bites, our guide showed off and caught the first fish on his first attempt. It’s a little harder than he made it look as the piranha dont’ really ‘hook’ on so you need to fling them into the boat hoping they land on the boat and not on you.

In total our group managed to grab about 16 piranhas. I only managed to catch a baby silver piranha so I had to throw it back in but John managed to catch one. Overall we had enough for an evening meal, which was served with spaghetti bolognese. It was a real treat! The taste? Just like white fish but as you can see not much meat on them.


Careful with your fingers!


The evening meal, spaghetti bolognese piranha.

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