Day 289 – A nauseating trip from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng

It’s time to move on, this time to the notorious backpackers mecca Vang Vieng, the home of tubing.  We took a minibus which would take 6 hours. The snake-like route from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng was also notorious  for causing people to be sick and it seems that the fish from food street would reappear from John again. 

We stopped after 2 hours at an amazing view point, at this point he was ok.

A nice view before....

A nice view before….

To be honest, he did really well until 4 hours into the journey. The road was bumpy and really windy. We stopped at a “service station” and John ran out and straight to the toilets where we vomited from travel sickness and got diarrhoea from food poisoning. He spent the entire break inside the toilet before the driver gave me a nudge to get him out as we had to leave. It was only meant to be a 10 minute stop but we were there for 20 minutes. We returned to the car and John was pale and sweating. He looked awful and I felt so bad for him. 

We carried on for another 30 minutes  but the driver had to stop for him to throw up again, right in front of loads of school kids who thought it was hilarious.

Luckily we got dropped off outside our guesthouse in Vang Vieng, but that wasn’t close enough. He crossed the road and threw up at the front of the guest house. 

John was ill for the rest of the day and stayed in bed and on the toilet. It didn’t look like he would be going tubing any time soon. 

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