Day 287 – Visiting the Pak Ou Caves

Another day trip for us today and this time we headed out on a boat trip along the Mekong River to visit the Pak Ou Caves. Before we left, we grabbed some food at a little stall near to the boats. We had congee with fried bread which was amazing – made me feel at home!


The tour was cheap and began with a ride on the boats down the river to a whisky village.



The village was very quiet and it didn’t seem like it had many inhabitants. The locals were selling some souvenirs which included whisky bottles that contained snakes and scorpions that had been fermented in the drink… we didn’t buy any.


After a quick stroll around the village, we headed further up the river to the Pak Ou Caves. The caves are located on the river and house thousands of small Buddha statues. There were two caves, one down at the bottom and one at the top which took some time to walk to.





After having a rest in the cave at the top we headed back, and we kept nodding off on the way back – must have been a relaxing journey back.


In the evening, we headed to a bar called Hive for a beer. Randomly, at the back of the bar there was a fashion show. The show first showed traditional Laotian clothes and then modern clothing. After the clothes show there were some breakdancers which was a little strange but entertaining.



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