Day 286 – Kuangsi Falls in Luang Prabang

Luang Prabang is a great town to visit and the top attraction in the area is the Kuangsi Falls which is made up of several beautiful waterfalls which you can swim in.

To get there we jumped in a little bus / car jeepney. It’s around a 30 kilometre drive south of Luang Prabang. When we go to the Kuang Si Waterfall Park, we started making our way to the waterfalls but strangely before you’ve even reached the first set of waterfalls, there is a Bear Rescue Centre which housed some rescued sun bears.




Past the bears, we reached the main attractions of the waterfalls. The site is made up of around three main falls with many smaller pools. The weather that day was a little overcast and the water was really cold so it was a little nippy but we went straight in. During the summer, with the temperatures soaring it would be really refreshing.

The pools at the bottom of the various waterfalls made the water look turquoise. On some of the postcards at the stalls by the entrance, the water was almost blue.



We had a little swim around and it didn’t take John long to go onto the rope swing.



After a swim in the first and second set of pools we headed further up to the main waterfall. It was really picturesque and with no swimming allowed in the top pool, it made for a great photo.



At that point, the footpath went a little steep and I only had flip flops on, so John carried on to get a view from the waterfall behind us in the picture above. He climbed up the small path and was surprised to find a small pool to swim in at the top of the waterfall.

All there was to stop people from falling over was a small bamboo pole.


We walked back down and then had another swim but you could tell the weather was about to change. We headed back to the entrance where there was a small cafe and decided to grab some food while it started to rain.

It then went a little crazy. The wind picked up, the rain started to thrash down, there was thunder and lightening – another mini-storm wreaking havoc. It was very similar to the storm we encountered the other night at the bar, but this one was one notch higher on the scale.

Branches started to fall from the trees as people ran for cover in the restaurant. Then as the storm was passing, people came running out of the waterfalls to get a car as someone had been hit by a branch. We didn’t see the guy but gossip travels fast among tourists and we heard that a huge branch fell off a tree by the waterfalls, hit this guy on the head, knocked him out, and was covered in blood. He was placed into the back of a jeepney which rushed him to the hospital. We saw the jeepney with the guys leg sticking out from the back.

The storm passed as quickly as it had started. It was a strange end to a really fun day.


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