Day 280 – Sunday night market in Chiang Mai

Our last day in Chiang Mai which turned out to be a short stay. You could stay for over a week in the city but we felt like it was time to get to a new country.

We had a lazy / getting things done day. We did our laundry, went on the Internet to upload some photos and also got our underwater pictures developed. We also had a Thai massage from Lila Thai which had been recommended. The workers there were ex-convicts who had been trained in prison and then given a job.

The massagers were a little stronger compared with previous Thai massages we’ve had and we were a little sore from the ordeal.

We would be heading to the Laos border that night so before the bus at 8 we headed to the street market which took place on Sunday night just north of the city walls for some food. We snacked on a Chiang Mai sausage, Sushi, steamed rolls, dumplings and noodles.

Super cheap sushi at the market

Super cheap sushi at the market

... and some more food

… and some more food

At half 8 we got picked up in a minibus to take us to the Laos border. We arrived at a guest house at 2.30 am where we stayed for the night waiting for the border to open.

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