Day 28 – Spotting scary jungle types in the Amazon Basin

After a days delay, we started our 3 day Pampas tour. The tour lasts for two nights and three days with the main attraction being spotting wildlife whilst travelling on a wooden boat down a river.

We started off with a dusty ride in the back of a 4×4 to the starting point where we boarded the boat. We were joined by a couple from Nottingham, two Irish girls, a copper from Leeds and his mate from down south. Our tour was with indigena tours – and our guide – with a little bit of english – was going to make it happen for us.

We jumped on a small long boat with all our small backpacks at the back of the boat. It didn’t take long for us to start spotting the wildlife, so here’s some photo highlights from the first day!


A heron, can’t remember the actual type, I think it was the Cocoi Heron.


Squirrel monkey


Turtle, they never stayed around for long.


My favourite photo from the trip – a huge crocodile, there are six different type of Crocodilian in the area more than any other area in the world.


The very strange capybaras. This one was just a junior with adults to the side. These guys are hunted by the crocs and jaguars.


Our tour guide had a neat little trick to drive the boat fast in the shallows which caused these little fish to jump out of the water and into the boat. Great fun but you had to pick them up after and throw them back into the river.


This was a very strange bird that made a hell of a noise. We were all waiting for a big croc or caiman to jump out of the water to take him down.


In the evening we went to the local park where the English (the 4 boys in our group including John) took on the local guides who totalled about 8 including a giant Bolivian Cholita (a women wrestler) in goal. They bet a bottle of wine for the winners. We won about 8-1 but no wine came our way.

After the football we headed back to the hut/lodge for an evening meal and then headed out on a night trip to spot the crocs and caiman. Using our head torches we were able to spot the wildlife as our torch caused their eyes to reflect back. It was pretty impossible to take a photo but we spotted some big ones as you could tell by distance between the eyes. It was also great to see the stars at night too, similar to the stars at night on the Inca Trail. The lack of any light pollution made for an amazing view.


Looking for wildlife at night

The day ended very strangely with our group and another group getting told off for making too much noise playing cards at 9pm at night. Very strange but a great day…….

But it turned out we arrived on the coldest day of the year and almost froze at night with one little blanket each. We also had to deal with a howler monkey during the night; he lived up to his name and howled all night long!

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