Day 279 – Elephant bathing and Thai boxing

We were up early ready to bathe the elephants in the river. We all stripped to our swimwear and jumped into the river with the elephants to scrub them clean. The elephants sat down in the river and we were able to sit on top of them to get to the bits we couldn’t reach. We all took it in turns and when they were finished, I was lucky enough to sit on one and ride an elephant out of the river. It was so much fun! I felt like Mowgli from the Jungle Book.

John scrubbing an elephant

John scrubbing an elephant



After breakfast, we left the elephant camp and were taken to a waterfall where we ate lunch while some in the group also slide down the waterfall.

Fun at the waterfall

Fun at the waterfall

A white water rafting trip was also part of the trip but the rapids were not too strong given the dry season. Our guide also smelt of alcohol and because the water levels were so low, our boat kept getting stuck on the rocks. At one point, two boats were stuck next to each other and the other boat started filling up with water and the people in that boat had to move into our boat. Eventually, we managed to move our boat and we finished the trip with no other major hiccups.

A little less exhilirating, we then did a bit of bamboo rafting down the river. The boats are made of ong bamboo poles which are tied together so when you get on it, you are basically sitting half in the water. It was quite relaxing as we moved downstream but if you moved too quickly or lent too much on one side, you could tip the whole thing.

We finally arrived back in Chiang Mai and after a much needed shower, we headed out with a group of people from our hostel for some food at a little market before watching some Thai boxing in what seemed like a closed off car park with a boxing ring in the middle of it and some plastic chairs around it.



There were 6 fights in total. The first three fights were between local fighters and we witnessed two knock-outs. The fight of the night was between an Austrian and a Kiwi. It was action packed with the Kiwi just coming out on top. We also saw a fight between a local and an English guy who was twice as tall as the local Thai guy. It was obvious the English guy was going to win.


It’s been a very action packed day but a very enjoyable one. Days like these really make travelling worth while!

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