Day 277 – Thai cooking class with Siam Rice in Chiang Mai

One of the many activities to partake in Chiang Mai is a Thai cooking class. Thai food really is excellent so the chance to learn how to make some of our favourite dishes was not to be missed. We booked via the hotel and picked Siam Rice cooking school, one of the many cooking schools vying for your custom.

The price was reasonable considering we would be making enough food for the day.  We were to make seven dishes each.

Before we started cooking we headed off to a local market to pick up some ingredients and learn a little about local produce. We were lucky as there was only two other people in the class. We heard that some groups for the cooking class can surpass 20 people, so it felt like a personal tour from the guide / cook who was great.


The market was like many we had been to before but it was good to have a little context and tasting, we were shown all the different core ingredients of Thai cooking.


We headed to the cooking school which was based at a house on the outskirts of Chiang Mai. To ensure we tried different food John and I picked different dishes to cook.

I made:

  • Hot and creamy soup
  • Drunken noodles
  • Holy basil chicken
  • Penang curry (Penang curry paste),
  • Papaya salad
  • Sticky rice with mango.

John made:

  • Chicken coconut soup
  • Pad Thai
  • Chicken with cashew nuts
  • Spring rolls
  • Green curry
  • Pumpkin in coconut.

The class was really fun and it was also a chance to learn a few new skills including how to set a pan on fire.


John't creamy chicken soup and Pad Thai

John’s chicken soup and Pad Thai

In between cooking dishes we were able to eat the food we had just made. However after a couple of dishes we were pretty full. Everything we cooked but didn’t eat was put into boxes for later.

My red curry paste

My Penang curry paste

Currys on the go

Currys on the go

Before eating the final meal we had a go at creating some vegetable art which involved carving carrots and cucumbers. You can see from below how that went, one was done by the professional.


After the class, we were all given a certificate, a cooking book and a few boxes of left overs we could eat in the hostel at night.

We all passed! I wonder if anyone fails?

We all passed! I wonder if anyone fails?

Great day and well worth the money.

We headed back to the hostel for the evening. It was a special Buddhist festival so we went to the temple in the evening and saw monks and locals praying. We weren’t too sure what was happening, everyone was walking around the temple in the city centre and lots of monks started to pray. It might have been the new year but it was hard to know what was going on.




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