Day 27 – An unexpected day in Rurrenabaque

Following a nightmarish 25 hours on a bus, we arrived in Rurenabaque around midday – around 5 hours later than expected. This also meant that we had missed our tour which was due to leave this morning. So we had to find a hostel for the night and arrange to go on the tour tomorrow.

As we descended off the bus, we were approached by a man who claimed to have rooms at his hostel. He was well dressed in a shirt and trousers and said that he had a 4×4 to take us free of charge to his hostel. The four girls on the back of the bus who had screamed for the whole journey were also approached by the man and we all decided it was fine so we jumped into the 4×4 to the hostel.

We stayed at Residen Cial Jislene, a nice family run hostel. Not the best rooms but the place had lots of hammocks and an amazing breakfast of pancakes with chocolate sauce and fruit! After food and a shower we had a much deserved sleep in the hammocks with a view of the river. I also want to mention the fact that I had bed sheets with Lion King characters printed all over them – probably their kids old sheets, definitely a family run hostel! Not bad for 35 bolivianos a night (£3.50).


After a 25 hour bus journey, this is the best thing to eat ever!

P1020222Much comfier than the bus.

In the afternoon we re-arranged the tour for the next day, explored the town and found a nice little street stall for a cheap rice and meat meal!


Rice and meat, a true Bolivian meal

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