Day 267 – An evening of live music on Koh Phangan

Another beach and pool day. The weather wasn’t great but it was warm enough to catch some sun and go for a swim.


The pool at the Shiralea Backpackers Resort was great. We also got to watch some people do the tests for the Padi diving course. Three lads had to do various tests, including holding your breath and swimming 20 lengths. One lad had obviously had too many buckets and couldn’t make it past 5 lengths of the pool.


In the evening we had a nice meal, then started on the rest of the Sangsom while we watched different people have a sing song, including a young girl and her dad from New Zealand. There was also an acoustic set from a guy who claimed to have written All Rise by Blue…

The pool at night where the live music was hosted

The pool at night where the live music was hosted

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