Day 260 – Four island snorkelling tour on Koh Lanta

We were picked up in the morning and taken to the south of Koh Lanta. It was one hour on the boat to the first snorkelling area. There were loads of fish around the boat but not much coral. Next up was the emerald cave. There were load of boats at the entrance of the cave. We jumped in and began to swim. People were feeding the fish right next to us so we were surrounded by hundreds of little tropical fish everywhere. It was amazing! The cave was pitch black but halfway there was a massive group of around 80 people in a huge conga. There were even people holding up babies in the cave! Once through the cave, there was an amazing beach in a cove, there was no other way into the beach but the cave. After relaxing for a bit in the cove, we swam back out. I slowed John down and we were the last back to the boat.





The third spot had great fish and lots of variety but loads of jellies. We we getting stung so we made a dash back to the boat. At the last island, we ate our lunch provided by the snorkelling company on an amazing beach with really clear water. After a swim we headed back.

Once back to the bungalows we had a quick snack and chatted to the resort workers. We went out for a meal at a little place on the main road. It was a long day but very fun.

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