Day 257 – Sunbathing on Koh Jum

Our first full day relaxing on a Thai island and what better than to just sunbathe and swim all day long without a care for the rest of the world! Paradise!


After a hard day’s sunbathing, we had some good Thai food and a few drinks before retiring to our little hut for the night. It got to about 2am and John was getting frustrated as our neighbour in the net hut along was playing music a bit too loud for John’s liking.

In the end, John got so frustrated he stormed out of our hut to find a French guy fast asleep on his balcony with an iPod next to him blaring dance music. I believe John’s words were “Excuse me mate, I’m trying to sleep here!!” which prompted a mumbled “Sorry” from the guy.

Typical moody and sleepy John!

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