Day 25 – Suicidal bus or expensive plane to Rurrenabaque?

For the past couple of days we’ve been in two minds about doing a jungle tour in the Amazon Basin. We’ve heard great reviews from other travellers who have been on this tour. The only downside is that we may have to get flights there and back which would make it more expensive. The other option would be to take the bus but if we do this, according to other fellow travellers, its close to being suicidal! Apparently, the bus snakes along the mountain edge leaving the vehicle just inches from the edge of a 100 metre cliff drop, and from what I’ve seen, Bolivian drivers are mental anyway. So today we’ve been going around a few tour agencies to find out a bit more information.

The tour lasts for 3 days/2 nights. The itinerary includes a cruise on a wooden engine boat to see caimans and other scary jungle creatures, a boat ride at night to see caimans, a trek to find an anaconda, piranha fishing and swimming with pink river dolphins. Not a bad few days eh?!

In terms of logistics, we have to make our own way to Rurrenabaque where it will begin and our own way back to La Paz. The flights cost around £55 each way OR we could take the local bus for £7 each way – a noticeable difference. Also, the plane is a 30 minute flight whereas the bus takes around 20 hours. Potentially, we could be spending either £110 or £14 each.

Before we left, John tried to create a budget for us and with my reluctant cooperation we managed to gauge an idea of how much money we needed. But stupid us didn’t budget for any tours or trips – only accommodation and food and drink. So anyway, the point is is that all we know to do is be sensible with our money. So our philosophy is that we cut back a bit on drinking and stay in basic accommodation/dorms rather than nicer private rooms. If there is a tour we want to do, we should just do it because when am I next going to be in these countries? To us, this tour is well worth doing but in terms of logistics, can we put a price on our lives? Yes is the answer and we’ve decided to get the bus there and the plane back.

So we’ve booked the tour to start the day after tomorrow. Tomorrow we get the bus around 10am.

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