Day 240 – Taman Negara to Cherating

Our next stop was Cherating on the east coast which is popular for surfers during the high season. To get there it was going be a bit of a mission. We were up at 6:40 in the morning to catch a local bus to Jeratnut which was due at 7:30, the only direct bus of the day.

The Chinese girl from our dorm came with us but the bus never turned up. There was a little stall right by us selling breakfast/packed lunch so we had one for breakfast. It was rice with chicken wrapped in banana leaves for just 2 RM. It was delicious.

More people arrived around 9.15 for the 9.30 bus. With no bus in sight 6 of us (all tourists) decided to pay a local driver 15 RM each for him to take us to Jeratnut in their car. In comparison, the local bus would have come to 7RM. As we left Taman Negara, the bus passed us!

We managed to get to Jeratnut just in time for our 11 am bus to Kuantan. We stopped off at a cake shop on the way to buy lunch. In Kuantan we got another bus to Cherating. A few too many buses but we got there in the end.

We checked into a very nice place with our own chalet complete with our own deck for 25 RM for the room.

In the evening, we ate at a Chinese restaurant on the beach and watched the sunset go down whilst drinking our first beer in the country. We’ve actually been quite surprised at the price of beer in Malaysia but then it is a muslim country so maybe it’s not so surprising after all. Nevertheless, it’s still cheaper than back home!

Our first beer in the country

Our first beer in the country


Time for some food

Time for some food


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