Day 24 – Discovering Salteñas

We’re back in La Paz today. As we were waiting for the bus in Copacabana, we were looking for a quick bite to eat. Then we noticed a little woman with a little trolley deep-frying what looked like little Cornish pasties – Salteñas!!! I had read about salteñas in our Lonely Planet guide. They are a Bolivian national snack, eaten any time of day. It’s basically a savoury pasty, either baked or deep-fried, filled with meat with some veg in a sweetish sauce. What I didn’t read about was how messy they were to eat. We bought two each for our breakfast. When I bit into mine, the sauce came squirting out leaving me with a sticky mess on my face! Be warned! Be sure to carry some antibacterial hand soap with you if you’re out and about as it can get very messy! But it’s so worth it as the snack is delicious! I can’t believe we haven’t discovered them earlier. I’ll be sure to eat a few more of these before we leave the country!

The bus took around 3 hours again and we arrived in La Paz around midday. Although Loki was a really nice hostel, we have checked into Bacoo hostel instead as its cheaper. The hostel is not as nice as Loki but it has a bar with a table tennis table, and a seating area outside.


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