Day 23 – More trout in Copacabana

We caught a boat mid-morning back to Copacabana. This time, we sat on the roof of the boat but we both had suncream on. The journey was very relaxing, the lake is so peaceful. We checked back into the hostel and had a quick shower as the shower facilities at the hostel on the island do i put it…non-existent. These showers, as a lot were in Peru, are electrical showers. This means that if you want hot water you have to turn the water on slowly but not too much as it just goes cold. This basically means that if you want a hot shower, you will only get a dribble of hot water coming out of the shower head. If you want a power shower, then you will have to have a cold one. Also, you have to be careful in the showers, we’ve had minor electrocutions when touching the shower taps. Only Bolivia!

Once clean and refreshed, we popped out for a bite to eat. We ended up eating in the local market but because it was past the standard lunchtime hours, we were a bit limited by choice. We both ended up having trout again with the usual trimmings. The trout was so fresh and even bigger than the ones we had the other night! Yummy!



In the evening we ate on the beach front stalls again – cheap and cheerful!

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